American Dream Essay

American Dream Essay

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work. But, the American Dream has not always been perceived In this respectable manner. The American Dream has evolved over the years, and generations. The vowels of America has changed over the years In countless of ways. For example, Sal viewed America through many different lenses, characterizing the country by its use of alcohol, its sadness, the relationships between men and women,

American music (Jazz), and the poverty he sees everywhere. On the Road provides a vision of one small slice of U. S. Cultural history. But as years passed, that vision of America began to dwindle. America started to become a place where dreams come true, where the poorest of the poor were able to succeed and prosper. For instance, Marc wasn’t financially fit but he put his heart and soul on the line to finish that movie; and he accomplished his goal, (American Movie: Northwestern). America could be a place of nastiness, but for later generations It became the best place someone loud ever live.

The American Dream has differed from different time periods. In the book, the Ideal American dream was to own a car and drive cross-country with your friends and have no restrictions, (On the Road). Dean Mortality was a huge fan of this philosophy as he drove from New York to San Francisco, having sex and being careless. But later, as we saw in the movie, the idea made a huge 80-degree flip. The American Dream became stricter and was more focused on success and prosperity, (American Movie: Northwestern).

Marc was able to achieve his idea of the American ream, which was to finish the movie and present it live to people. Also, during several sections of the movie, Marc kept referring back to the American Dream and how It meant success. The American Dream has not been the same concept since day one; It has evolved at the same rate that man has evolved. Many would say that the beats were unable to succeed at achieving the American dream, and Incapable of prosperity. Ginsberg wanted “Howl” to express the pent up frustration, artistic energy, and self-destruction of his generation.

A generation that e felt was being suppressed by a dominant American culture that valued conformity over artistic license and opportunity, (Howl). For a poet or the individual to howl, meant that that person was breaking from the habit of conformity to the virtues and ideals of American civilization and expressing a counter-cultural vision of free expression, (Howl). In this sense, Ginsberg was able to be successful, share his idea, and was rewarded for his extremely hard work. The American Dream is not an idea that is solidified on paper; it is an idea that people interpret on their own.