American Dream essay

American Dream essay

The American dream Is now nothing more than a past dream haunting humanity of what could’ve been. Though man y people are living that dream it reminds us of the dirty tricks they used to cheat others to achieve their status. This so called dream is no longer real it is nothing more than a figment of the past. No matter how hard people may try to restore it always leads to the same ending: pure uncut disappointment.

One of the main things that remind the always encouraged middle class are “n. N-the-ground realities that impede middle class status… ” (Samuelsson). It reminds us how we have to pay more because the poor have nothing to pay and the rich are scum who think of themselves as gods in our society. It is always there to remind us that we are the scapegoats for everyone else that we can never move up only fall down.

We might be able to change our lives for the better, but “Government has only limited power to offset these They try to make up fancy slogans and “solutions” to help the middle class Just to cover up the fact that they are helping the rich. The rich are he reason why the American dream is dead they are greedy pigs who will do anything to stop others from getting being their equals. Throughout the years people from all over would come to America thinking they could make a good living but lately “… The American dream has been questioned”(Francis).

People are realizing the dream is Just that: a dream. Hope is something that can only keep you blind for so long. This dream that was created by the government is nothing more than their way of profiting from the hard work of others. Though It Is true that anyone can become rich and live the dream, but many people stoop so low to reach the “top”. The fortunes people are making were made In ways “… Never envisioned by Benjamin It was Franklins dream that America would become a land of prosperity and unity not a corrupt mass of filth.

A sense of unity and desire, a once common sense of man, now lost to greed, gluttony, lust, and envy. No longer can this false sense of hope continue to blind man as “… The American dream is Fear (cause for dirty tricks) led people to find illegal ways to make money. Now is when we truly know the meaning of survival of the fittest, those who cannot make it are doomed to poverty. The government has a big part in our new found pessimism but greed and envy have led us to lose our trust “We don’t even trust each other”(Gray).

Americans are slowly losing hope and forgetting what trust is, and what’s worse is the chance of us being able to regain our humanity. The corruption of man has led us to our own downfall. The trust In the government and In others Is slowly disappearing, and there Is truly nothing that can be done. The once famed and sought after American dream now resides In the past as something that could have been, but alas man’s foolish way of thinking is all we