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American Dream Dbq

Wisest, she states that “The day I achieved American citizenship was a turning point in my life… Country in which every person is entitled to dream of happiness, peace and liberty; where those who have are taught to give back. ” Unprotected by any government and being unwanted by any society due to religion, the Jew in Wisest was overcome by pride and happiness. She has the opportunity to start living a good life and dream of happiness. In Jim Signore’s cartoon “Self-employment cartoon 8”, the cartoon shows a person looking at a sign which says “Earn big $$$$$ at home!

For doing nothing. ” As some people would think, coming to America and living here would automatically give you tons of money by not doing anything. But in reality, you have to work hard for every penny. The struggle is real here in America. In conclusion to this DB, the “American Dream” has changed and has also changed peoples lives once they have moved here. Through peoples struggled, some have come out to be successful, while the others have come out to be poor and homeless.